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Once you purchase this course an email will automatically be sent to your email address with instructions. The course covers 6 hours of material. It can be done in sections or all at once. This course is designed to allow Commercial Applicators, Non-Commercial Applicators, and Agents to earn Full Recertification credits in Category 1: TERMITE AND OTHER (WOOD DESTROYING) STRUCTURAL PEST CONTROL, Category 2: HOUSEHOLD PEST AND RODENT CONTROL, Category 3: GENERAL FUMIGATION, Category 7: NON-COMMERCIAL PEST CONTROL, and Category 8: NON-COMMERCIAL FUMIGATION.

Topics covered include following: Safety Precautions, Preparation For Fumigation, Vikane Label Review, Bed Bugs.

This course has been designed in a Distance Learning format and approved by the Arkansas Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services as a recertification course. NOTE: As per the ADA, you can use this course for your full recertification credits in your three year cycle. True/False quizzes are given at the end of each section to enhance the student’s learning. This course is narrated and self-paced, with high quality images of insect and animal species as well as equipment. PESTED will electronically report your course to the Arkansas Dept of Ag on the last business day of the month.

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