As per the Maryland Department of Agriculture, “Each pesticide licensee or permittee is responsible for ensuring that each employee involved in pest control sales, service, or inspections completes a training program approved by MDA on pesticide use and safety. The purpose of the training is to instruct an individual in the principles of pest control and the proper use of pesticides to ensure they are competent to identify pest problems and to handle and apply pesticides in order to prevent harm to themselves, others, animals or the environment. An employee must receive and complete the training within 30 days of a business, or agency, obtaining a business license or permit, initial employment or changing job duties that will involve pest control sales, service or inspections.”  

To learn more about the the regulations please click on the following link: REGISTERED EMPLOYEE TRAINING INFO.

This course is approved by the MDA to allow each student to become a “Registered Employee”, also known as a “Registered Technician”, in the state of Maryland. After purchasing this course, an instruction email will be automatically sent and you can start immediately. 

Topics covered include: Federal Pesticide Laws, Ecological and Environmental Concerns, First Aid for Pesticide Poisoning, Integrated Pest Management, Pests, The Label, Weather-wise Applications, Storage, and Maryland Regulations.

This course has been designed in a Distance Learning format and approved by the MDA. NOTE: This course is online. All that is required is a strong internet connection and an email address. Quizzes are given at the end of each section to enhance the student’s learning. This course is narrated and self-paced, with high quality images of insect and animal species as well as equipment.

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