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Once you purchase this course a link will automatically be sent to your email and you can start immediately. This course is designed to allow a New York Commercial Applicator who is already certified to earn 2 Recertification Credits in Category 5D: ANTI-FOULING PAINT and Category 13: AQUATIC ANTI-FOULING PAINTS. This course has been designed in a Distance Learning format and approved by the NYSDEC as a recertification course.

This course covers the following materials: Fouling, Types Of Antifouling Paints, Risks and Regulations, Heat Stress, Protecting Water From Pesticide Contamination, Preparing a Hull For Painting, Painting a Hull, Managing Pesticide Waste.

NOTE: The NYSDEC does not allow you to repeat a Distance Learning format course in the same recertification cycle. The student MUST complete this course within 6 MONTHS of the day they start the course. Additionally, you can spend no more than 7 hours per day taking recertification courses. If you are not sure whether you have taken this PESTED course, please call us and we will check your account history. A True/False Final exam is given at the end of the chapter to enhance the student’s learning. This course is narrated and self-paced, with high quality images of insect and animal species as well as equipment.

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