Frequently Asked Questions

All courses listed on our website are approved by their respective state licensing departments. 

After purchasing a course, you will automatically receive a receipt e-mail from us. That e-mail also has a link to click on to "Download" your course instructions. Once you have downloaded the course instruction PDF file, follow the instructions on that page to get started.

No, you can take the course in as many sittings as you would like. The only exceptions to this rule are Arizona courses and Georgia Structural courses which MUST be completed in one sitting as per their respective state departments. 

You can purchase our courses online by clicking HERE and selecting your state. You can also call us at 845-481-4048 or send us an e-mail to

All of our courses are available for students until they are completely used. That means the course was completed and the credits were reported to the state. 

NOTE: New York State Students MUST complete their courses within 6 months of starting them as per the NYS DEC.

Returning users can log in to their course campus page by going to

This usually means that your course must either be extended or archived in order for you to continue. The quickest way for us to assist you with this is by sending us an e-mail to or by calling 845-481-4048 during business hours. works with each state on an individual level. Each state has different rules and requirements for online course accreditation. Because of that, we tailor our courses to meet each specific state's requirements.

The best way to find out if certain states have reciprocity with each other is to contact the respective state's licensing departments. 

Each state varies in their credit reporting requirements. Some states require a report monthly, while others require it weekly. MUST follow the guidelines and requirements for state reporting set up my each state's licensing department. The quickest way to find out when credits are reported to each state would be by calling us at 845-481-4048 or sending an e-mail to

Yes, each course that is purchased can only be taken by one individual. If you have multiple students who need courses you must purchase courses for each one of the students in order for them to receive credit. If you have taken a course, but didn't pay for it yet, we will report your credits as soon as we receive payment.

Each course starts off with introduction slides as well as a "Table of Content" slide. This slide can usually be found on slide number 10 or 11. You can manually click on this slide and then click on the chapter you left off on in order to continue.

Please e-mail us at or call us at 845-481-4048 if you require assistance.

  1. Click on the "My Account" tab on the menu above.
  2. Create an account if you have not done so or log in as a returning user. 
  3. Click on the "Tax Exemption" option on the left hand side.
  4. Enter all requested information including uploading your tax exempt form.
  5. Once Pested is notified of the request and approves it you will be able to purchase courses tax-free every time you are logged into our shopping page. 
  6. On the checkout page you must check mark the box that says "Do you want to include tax exemption" before completing the purchase in order to have tax removed. 

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