Continuing Education

Pesticide applicator continuing education is required to become recertified. Recertification is a program that ensures certified applicators, both private and commercial, maintain competence and keep current with changing technology.

  • Licensed applicators in Colorado are required to recertify every 3 years based on their date of birth.
  • Both private and commercial applicators must earn 1 or 2 CDA required core credits in 6 different categories. The core categories are broken down below:
    • 2 credits in Federal, State, and Local Laws and Regulations
    • 1 credit in Pesticides and Their Families
    • 1 credit in the subject area of Applicator Safety
    • 1 credit in the subject area of Public Safety
    • 1 credit in the subject area of Environmental Protection
    • 1 credit in the subject area of Use of Pesticides
  • Commercial qualified supervisors and certified operators must also earn additional credits for the category they are certified in.
    •  Applicators licensed in Turf Pest Control, Ornamental Pest Control, and Residential/Commercial Pest Control must take 2 credits in those categories to renew. Applicators licensed in any other category only need to receive 1 credit in their category.

NOTE: In Colorado, you cannot take the same Distance Learning Course twice. Please call or email us at make sure you have not taken this course from PESTED in the past.