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PESTED specializes in providing online pest control training and continuing education courses for pest control industry professionals in 35 states across the US. For over 27 years we have helped thousands of pesticide applicators, apprentices, private applicators, commercial applicators, exterminators, home inspectors, lawn care professionals and pest control technicians earn and maintain their pesticide licenses and certifications.

In addition to pest control education, we also offer private consulting and Board Certified Entomological services on retainer as well as our NEW ISA approved Arborist CEU online courses.

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At PESTED, we offer top-tier pest control continuing education (CEU) courses designed to elevate your skills and keep you ahead in the fast-evolving pest management industry. With years of firsthand experience, we have guided thousands of applicators across North America toward enhancing their expertise.

Our background isn't just broad—it's deep, covering all facets of pest control. From working as the IPM Coordinator for the Westchester County Board of Legislators to delivering commercial pesticide solutions for WDO, bed bugs, structural pest control, termites, and more, we've been in the trenches and know what knowledge is most relevant and impactful for your career.

Comprehensive Learning

We carefully structure our pest control CEU courses, covering essential areas such as ornamental and turf pest management, fumigation techniques, and the intricacies of regulations on state and federal levels.

Whether you're learning the latest strategies in bed bug eradication or want to deepen your understanding of the Worker Protection Standard (WPS), our courses provide valuable insights and practical knowledge that you can apply directly to your professional life.


Choosing PESTED means opting for quality education from a team that's not only experienced but also passionate about pest control. We have the expertise to help you excel, whether you're seeking private consulting opportunities or aiming to tackle the challenges of structural pest control.

Beyond pest control education, we now provide our latest offering: NEW ISA-approved Arborist CEU online courses. Elevate your arboricultural skills with our online CEU courses, ranging from First Aid to advanced Tree Climbing Guides, Safety Requirements, and more. Our courses cover everything you need for growth and compliance in the field.

Enroll now and take the first step towards mastering your craft with PESTED.