Commercial Applicators, Business Licenses, Public Agency Permits, Not-For-Hire Licenses, and Inactive Certificates run on a 1-year renewal period. All recertification credits are due by June 30th.

Private Applicator Licenses run on a 3-year renewal cycle. All continuing education must be completed during the last year of the cycle by December 31st.

Consultant Licenses renew every year by December 31st. Their credits must be completed in the category they were originally licensed in.

Dealer Permits renew every year by December 31st.

Credits Needed For Recertification:

  • Categories 1,3,7,9, and 13 – 8 Credits
  • Categories 2, 5, 6, and 8 – 6 Credits
  • Categories 4 and 11 – 4 Credits once every 3-years
  • Categories 10 and 12 – Must attend recertification training that is specific to their area of work
  • All other categories– Determined on a case by case basis

*Applicators can only recertify using online credits once every 3-years.*